Why you should use BeauTracker

We all face the same struggles. Taking care of your beauty and your skin or hair is time consuming and most products come with different schedules for them to get the best results. Keeping track of all these is a tedious task and most of the time we end up with having our treatments just when they come to mind. We waste money on products that don't perform as well as they could have if only we stuck with the right timings. Also, finding the right products for our own skin or hair type or complexion is not always easy. Most of the advertisements we see in magazines, on TV or online are not really showing products that would make sense for us. Beautracker releases you from all these pains. We keep track of your treatments and show you the products that will work for you - so you can keep track of everything else.


Track your treatments and appointments in your personal BeauTracker calendar. Don’t lose your overview in a regular calendar.


Your BeautTracker calendar is stored separately from the one in your phone. Your treatments are in a safe space.

Add new treatments

You couldn’t find your desired treatment in the in-app list? Simply add them yourself and always have the right title at hand.


Your treatment needs to be repeated after a certain amount of time? We’ve got you covered there. Add unlimited recurrent events to your calendar.


You need time to prepare your treatments? To get all your creams and masks ready? Set reminders ahead of time and avoid the last minute hassle.

100% free!

The use of BeauTracker is completely free and will stay free in the future! We won't charge you for keeping track of your life.

Product Recommendations

Get the right product recommendations for your hair and skin type, depending on your preferred treatments. Don’t spend time and money on the wrong products!

Tips Section

Want to stay informed but not to spend time on research about what's new? Check out our tips section and find out about the best new products and treatments.

How BeauTracker works

Our concept makes your life very easy. Stop failing your beauty regimen and sacrificing the desired outcome by forgetting about the treatment dates. Beautracker comes with a calendar in which you can log the schedules and recurrences for all your beauty treatments. Simply add the treatments Beautracker comes with or create your own one and set their time(s) and date(s). Now you can forget about it until you need to take action. We will send you a reminder so you can prepare ahead of time.

In order to help you even further, we’ll collect some information about you during registration, like your skin or your hair type. With that information, we will save you some time (for finding the right products) and money (for trying the wrong ones) by recommending suitable products for you, PERSONALLY.

And the best of all this: Beautracker is free. You won’t have any costs for using the app!

Beautracker – We keep track of your beauty so you can keep track of everything else.


Stay up to date with the newest and hottest trends, products and treatments in skincare and beauty. In our tips section, we will publish newcomers and evergreens so you don’t need to run after multiple magazines and online publications.

Make your life and research easy by checking out our tips section as often as you can. Maybe you can even find some discount codes here if you’re lucky 😉




BeauTracker for Business

Are you a cosmetic or skincare brand looking for highly targeted marketing and brand exposure to people that are actually interested in products for their particular needs? Stop overspending your marketing budget on TV or newspaper ads and increase your conversion rates instead. Beautracker will help you to address the ideal customer for your product.

You want a targeted email marketing campaign or get featured in the in-app tips section or on the website? Get in touch with your Beautracker team now and discover your possibilities.

Gamze and Thorsten are the team / couple behind BeauTracker. Entrepreneurs and visionaries who want to help you keep your life on track.


Co-Founder / Head of Marketing

Entrepreneur - Scientist - Dancer
The beautiful creativity and brain behind BeauTracker. Knows almost all of the treatments firsthand and is very happy that she does not forget them anymore!



Co-Founder / CEO

Entrepreneur - Engineer - Dancer.
The gorgeous technical and practical part of our team. His dedication and knowledge brought BeauTracker to life. Knows now that he has to apply moisturizer, daily!




The genius developer of BeauTracker! He is a full time CTO, an amazing dancer and a great DJ!

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